Rich Interface Application Development

Rich Internet Applications engage users in ways never before imagined in technology. The advancement of technologies like Microsoft Silverlight, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Adobe's Flash, and HTML5 has allowed for products to bring experiences to consumers that not only engage and inspire but also creates user interaction that simplifies technology use. Companies, whether in the consumer space or enterprise, can harness the power of what Rich Internet Applications offer by transforming traditionally static experiences into fluid, animated, and engaging applications.

More importantly, Rich Internet Applications can exist in any technology environment. For example, if you are a business using SharePoint for your enterprise reporting interface, you can use Silverlight to increase the presentation power of your charts and graphs and update them in real-time. If you are a consumer-focused mobile app, looking to re-invent a traditional experience across all smart devices, you can use HTML5 to bring rich experiences to your users, without having to recreate an application for each device! And if you are building a web app on open source technology like PHP, you can use Adobe Flash to engage users in new and exciting ways. Thus, Rich Internet Applications allow exciting possibilities for all product and service companies.

Common uses of Rich Internet Applications include:

Developing rich reporting and analytics interfaces for enterprise-level information presentation. Developing cutting edge mobile applications that can be ported to multiple smart-phones without having to re-develop the application for each device. Developing animated experiences for consumers on the web to help ignite marketing campaigns and appeal to users in new and engaging ways. Your online reputation will improve Cost-effectively modernizing your existing application to appeal to new users.

Technologies commonly used in the development of Rich Internet Applications include:


HTML5 provides developers with an exciting opportunity to bring rich, animated experiences to users right through the browser, without any downloads or third party players. As part of the advancement of browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome, new developments in animation capabilities allow developers to create experiences like never before. Moreover, with HTML5 you can build unified experiences for any mobile devices and port them seamlessly because the experience is through the browser and not dependent on the device itself. Amkosys team are full trained in HTML5 and offer clients an amazing opportunity to save time and money in development.


jQuery is a JavaScript-based framework which has allowed developers to deliver animation and user-centric experiences with little footprint on the programming aspect of a website. Traditionally, behavior was generated based on programming, but jQuery allows UX developers the opportunity to build exciting experiences right into the design, without having to change the programming of the application. This saves your company valuable time and money and allows your application to truly extend to meet consumers needs. Amkosys developers have extensive experience in developing user experience using jQuery.