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Web Development

We provide a comprehensive Custom Web Development service ranging from websites to custom web application design and development. Our capability includes the full range of technologies including open source using PHP/MySQL.

Web development using Sophisticated design + Ideal Programs for the Perfect Website. This is the faultless web design equation. Amkosys, from the very start, acknowledges every company's uniqueness, from the industry it belongs to the principles that guides its operations. A website is the company's banner in the aggressive world of ecommerce. And we believe that every company should be able to manifest its unique style and methods, setting it apart and above its competitors

Open Source Web Development

Many of our web software applications are built with open source software. This means you have full ownership of the application and there are no fees to pay for licensing just to use your software. We use open source web development technologies such as PHP Web Development, MySQL, Smarty and Javascript. With these tools we build and maintain your online application to maximise your business efficiency.

The perfect Custom Programming for your site needs not be expensive. A lot of open source programs are freely available and you would just need to know where to look. However, downloading the programs is only climbing half of the ladder. Most importantly, you would need to know how the programs work and how to maximise its features to the company's advantage

We have access to the perfect programs for you. Our experts can further customise these programs for your specific needs. We can extend certain features you will need the most; thus, increasing its functions. And we don't stop there. We go the extra mile to train your staff! We believe that our success relates to how successful you will be in managing the website on your own. This would only mean that we had designed a user-friendly, highly functional web development, and complete website-the perfect equation for our success!